Your industry. Our passion.

Hmm... what if you found a machine pre-programmed to your
industry's trends, calibrated to your individual business' goals, capable of manufacturing crowds of potential customers knocking down your door?
What value would that add to your business growth?

Human Marketing Machine is a precise fit of
technical individuals functioning as a single well-oiled machine. Together,
we offer over 20 years of experience supporting architects, developers,
general contractors and other real estate professionals.

Equipped with internal know-how and high-performance suppliers, we deliver leading industry insight, astute marketing strategy, compelling imagery, and exceptional print quality. So your reputation will elevate to a brand new level.

Discover the Machine, your full-service marketing partner...
from print, signage, and web design to complete branding and positioning.

  • Isn't it time you redefined the market's view of your company?
  • Will your current marketing program reach enough prospects to fulfill your leasing goals?
  • Have you reaped a high return on your marketing investment?
  • How do you stack up to your competition?

Increased revenue. Market leadership. Brand loyalty.

You need a solid plan to achieve these goals. Too often,
companies squander their marketing budget due to poor preparation.
Funds are lost on projects that fail to substantially influence your target market. The Machine can evaluate your current marketing program, identify real goals,
and advise you on ways to stay ahead of your competition.

Let the Machine develop an objective marketing strategy which will deliver the results you seek... better image, more prospects, and increased profits.

Strategic Consulting Services include:

  • Identity Development
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Financial Outlook
  • Marketing Audits
  • Campaign Development
  • Do your photos convey the stateliness of your multi-million dollar warehouse?
  • Is your brochure completely outdated, but you lack the time to write new content?
  • Does your website generate more frustration than excitement?
  • Do your marketing materials interest and engage readers?

What if your company was described as formidable?

Hmm... think of how much easier it would be to close deals if your company's brand commanded the respect your hard work deserves. More qualified prospects would approach you. Those you pursue would require less convincing.

Catch everyone's attention... your clients, future customers,
and competition! Help them recognize your accomplishments by
always demonstrating your pride, integrity, and intrinsic value.

Boost your image with powerful visuals, compelling messages, and logical design.

Creative Services include:

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Development
  • Net-Based Communication
  • Photography
  • Copywriting
  • Is a realistic image of your development required before project approval?
  • Do you need a new brochure or memorable giveaways for an upcoming trade show?
  • Have you considered your website could be a powerful tool to display your portfolio and encourage leads?
  • Is your logo out-of-date?

Marketing materials... How effective can they really be?

Suppose you mail 1,000 postcards? The average recipient might
toss it after a one second glance. What if an intriguing design could grasp their attention for five seconds? You've just earned over one hour with your target audience... more will read your message, more will remember your name.
And more will consider your company when making a decision.

In an industry where one deal drives thousands, even millions
in revenue, captivating materials can make all the difference.

Marketing Materials include:

  • Logo | Stationery | Business Cards
  • Brochures | Postcards
  • Websites | E-newsletters
  • Architectural Renderings
  • Advertisements | Sales Materials | Promotional Gifts
  • Signage
  • Would you send more direct mail campaigns if someone else handled the project for you... from planning to delivery?
  • Do your postcards seem dull, smudged, or flimsy upon receipt?
  • Has a low-res image ever cheapened your thousand dollar ad campaigns?
  • Were you dissatisfied with the print quality of your last brochure, but worried higher quality would break your budget?

What if you had more time to focus on your company's operations?

When you put the Machine to work, we reduce the hassle of maintaining
a marketing program, enabling you to better serve your clients.

We search for customized, economically-minded solutions to ensure
you receive the highest quality results for your marketing investment.

Hmm... how would YOU capitalize on more time?

Project Coordination Services include:

  • Campaign Management
  • Direct Mailings
  • Quality Control & Consistency
  • Print Production

Put the Machine to work for you.

Contact us, today, to discuss your current strategies,
business objectives and challenges.

  • Human Marketing Machine, Inc.
  • 819 S. Wilmette Ave.
  • Westmont, IL 60559
  • Phone: 630.899.9560
  • Fax: 866.855.8586

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Contact us, today, to discuss your current strategies,
business objectives and challenges.

  • Human Marketing Machine, Inc.
  • 819 S. Wilmette Ave.
  • Westmont, IL 60559
  • Phone: 630.899.9560
  • Fax: 866.855.8586
ph: 630.899.9560
fx: 866.855.8586
Human Marketing Machine, Inc.
819 S. Wilmette Ave.
Westmont, IL 60559